BBQ Ham Sammich!

This is my non-recipe recipe for an amazing sandwich that tastes like you worked hard on a slow simmered bbq ham for sandwiches.
  • deli sliced ham
  • your favorite bbq sauce
  • mayo
  • your favorite hot sauce, like a chipotle tastes good.
  • cheddar or American cheese. Swiss would work too.
  • lettuce
  • pickles (YES, they make the sammich)
  • onion
Take deli sliced ham, start to heat in a saucepan, add a lot of your very favorite bbq sace, and let it simmer while you toast some buns under the broiler, put cheese on the bottom bun, pile on hot bbq ham, pickles (they make this sandwich, you need dill pickles!) onion, lettuce and then a good mayo with a splash of a chipotle hot sauce, or your favorite hot sauce.  NOM!

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