Sunday, August 21, 2011

Homemade Chicken Stock

Yesterday, while I was simmering a chicken, I thought I'd also take some pics and share with you how I make chicken stock.
Winter is coming and a bunch of cubes of chicken stock in the freezer will come in handy. Especially if a little one comes up sick. Stick a cube or two in a coffee mug, microwave, tada! Nana's cold cure. :))

So if you're going to boil a chicken or chicken pieces ANYWAY, why not add a step or two and make some stock?
Homemade Chicken Stock

Happy Cooking!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Creamy Summer Fruit Salad

I love making this deliciously creamy fruit salad when I have leftover fresh or canned fruit in the fridge that you don't know what to do with. A sinful delight on a hot summer night. Oh hey. I 'm a poet and didn't knowit. (lame, I know.)
But can it really be THAAAT bad with wonderful fruit in it? ;)

I used fresh blueberries, fresh chopped leftover  plums, and some leftover canned peaches (drained), but you can use any combo of fruit you like.

Just make sure all fruit is drained (juice reserved) and frozen is thawed and drained, or you will have a runny dessert. Also, the marshmallows are optional. I like to add them for a little fun color for the kids.
On to the recipe!

  • 1 cup acini di pepe pasta
  • 1 cup chopped canned peaches, drained, reserving liquid
  • 1 cup blueberries, rinsed and drained
  • 1/2 cup chopped tart plums, drained if they have been sitting chopped in the fridge, and juice reserved
  • 1 1/2 cups of fruit juice from the fruit. Use water or another light colored fruit juice to equal 1 1/2 cups if you don't have enough juice.
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • pinch salt
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • one recipe of Homemade Whipped Cream (recipe below)
  • 2 handfuls mini multi-colored marshmallows
  • optional: walnuts for a little added crunch
Fill a medium saucepan 3/4 the way with water, add a pinch of salt, and bring to a boil. 
Add pasta and cook, stirring occasionally until almost done; al dente. About 7-10 minutes.
Drain and set aside. Do not rinse.

In a separate medium saucepan, whisk reserved liquids from the fruit, or another juice or water to equal 1 1/2 cups of liquid, sugar, vanilla, beaten eggs, salt and flour. Whisk briskly  and cook until mixture becomes very thick. Remove from heat.
Combine with pasta, cover and refrigerate 8 hours or overnight.

Add in fruit and marshmallows; Fold in whipped cream, Chill! Garnish with walnuts, if desired, and enjoy..!

Homemade Whipped Cream

  • 1/2 pint whipping cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/4 cup powdered sugar
In a deep, chilled glass bowl (chill metal mixer beaters too, if possible), on medium-high speed, beat cream with vanilla.  When cream starts to thicken, slowly add the powdered sugar, continuing to beat until stiff peaks form in cream.  Fold into acini and fruit! :)

    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    Chili-Jack Stuffed Chicken Rolls

    Look how juicy that chicken is..mmmMM!  I'm very fond of those little cans of roasted green chilis commonly found in the ethnic foods isle or your mexican grocery. SO good. They add so much flavor to your food, with little heat. I'm a wimp and can't handle much HOTness, but I LOVE these. 
    The extra pepper jack cheese can be used to make Pepper Jack Cheese bites.
    On to the recipe!

    • 6 chicken breast halves, skinless, boneless, trimmed and pounded 1/4 inch, or so, thin
    • 1 (8 oz brick) of good Monterrey Jack cheese, grated
    • 2 small 4 oz cans of roasted mild green chilis (I use La Preferida brand)
    • about 1/2 cup or so of a Honey & Brown sugar type barbecue sauce (see? Save that little bit left in the bbq bottle for recipes like this. Just stick into freezer baggie and freeze! My freezer door is half full of saved stuff like this hehe)
    • 2 eggs, beaten
    • garlic powder,salt and pepper to tase
    • flour and bread crumbs for coating. Depending on the size of your chicken breasts, 1 cup of flour and 2 cups of crumbs should do it.
    • couple tablespoons of vegetable oil 
    • toothpicks

    Pound out chicken breasts to about 1/4 inch thickness.
    Lightly salt & pepper all the breasts, divide chilis between all the chicken breasts & spread with a spoon.
    Generously sprinkle all the breasts with the cheese and dot with about a tablespoon of bbq sauce.

    Roll up and secure with toothpicks. Some breasts may take more toothpicks than others, that's okay.  It's messy, and doesn't look pretty, but be patient. (THAT is something THEY don't tell you. lol)

    Heat up a large frying pan with enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. A dry-ish pan or spray isn't going to work well with this.

    Set up your workstation of flour, eggs, bread crumbs, med-high hot pan, and start rolling.

    Gently roll around in flour, dusting off any big clumps of flour.
    Carefully roll in beaten eggs,  and then set in bread crumbs and scoop bread crumbs up and all over the chicken breast, so not to have to handle it a lot in the bread crumbs.
    Give the breast a little tap, to shake off a little of the excess, but not too much.
    Stick into hot pan, season to taste with salt, pepper and garlic powder, and repeat with the rest of the breasts.

    Using tongs, gently turn over breasts when they get a nice golden color, and season lightly again. You don't want to cook them, just brown them and make them look yummy.
    Put rolls onto a sprayed (greased) piece of foil on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven of 350 for about 20 minutes, or until juices run clear. Let stand before cutting.

    mmmmmmmmmm I can almost smell them now!
    Slice and enjoy! Serve with bbq sauce, if desired.

    The leftovers, if you have any, are great sliced up and put into scalloped potatoes, or pasta with some veggies..all kinds of dishes! Or cubed (keeping all the chilis & cheese too) with some mayo and onion for a zippy chicken salad sandwich!

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    Potato Nachos

    mmm MM! I just love Potato Nachos. I think they have a little more substance than nachos with chips, and though not as messy to eat, they have the same noshing delight as messy chips. :)
    I can not wait! On to the recipe!
    • 1 lb ground beef
    • 4-6 small-medium sized white potatoes, about 6 cups peeled and thinly sliced
    • 1 (14.5 oz) can diced tomatoes, undrained
    • 1/2 cup onion
    • 1/2 cup rough chopped frozen green pepper, fresh is fine, I had frozen on hand and I used that
    • 1 (4 oz) can of La Preferida mild green roasted chilis (found in the ethnic food isle or a Mexican grocery..MUST have! I love these lil things.)
    • 1 tablespoon tomato paste
    • 1 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
    • 1/4 teaspoon chili powder, plus more for sprinkling (we'll get to that later)
    • 1/8 teaspoon sugar
    • 1/8 teaspoon black pepper, plus more for later
    • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more for later
    • juice from 1/2 juicy lime (roll around under your palm a bit before cutting)
    • 2 cups grated colby-jack cheese
    • sour cream, sliced lime, and a few sliced green onions for garnish
    • optional: add 1 tablespoon, or one small chipotle pepper in adobe sauce (found in small cans in the ethnic isle or Mexican grocer. They add amazing depth and heat to dishes)

    Heat a large, cast iron skillet over med-high heat, and spread a bit of canola oil around in the pan, maybe 1 tablespoon. When the pan is hot, add the ground beef, season with about 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt, or one healthy sprinkle around the beef, about 1/4 teaspoon of chili powder, and a dusting of cumin, cayenne and black pepper.
    When beef is browning on one side, add onions, green chilies, garlic, and green bell peppers, with a small sprinkle of kosher salt and a dash of chili powder.

    I can almost smell it already! mmmMM!
    Add the tomato paste and can of diced, undrained tomatoes and stir. Give a sprinkle of kosher salt, black pepper, sugar, and chili powder, stir until well combined and turn heat down to medium.
    Now is a good time to taste test and see if you want to add a bit more of anything. Maybe a bit more cumin or cayenne. Just don't add too much salt to the meat mixture as you'll be adding some to the potatoes too so they aren't bland.
    While this simmers away, peel and very thinly slice 6 cups of potatoes and spread out half around the pan, sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper and stir..  then add the rest of the potatoes, sprinkle with kosher salt and chili powder and stir.
    When you have all the potatoes in, cook and stir occasionally for about 5 minutes or so while you do a bit of clean up and get the lime and cheese ready.

    Sprinkle the juice of 1/2 a lime in it and stir. 
    Then press down around the potatoes gently and cover the pan with foil.
    Put in preheated 350 degree oven for about 20-30 minutes. It'll vary depending on potato thickness and ovens.
    When potatoes are al dente, spread cheese over the top and stick back in the oven, uncovered, until cheese is completely melted.
    After you take it out of the oven, let stand for 5 minutes.
    Serve with sour cream, green onions, taco sauce and lime for garnish! YUMM!

     The meat mixture makes a great taco meat too!

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Pepperjack Cheese Bites

    Fantastic little bites that you can adjust to be fiery little bites! But the G-kids are here, so I kept the cayenne and pepperjack down.
    To save oil, I like to make these in the same oil right after I pull my Honey Kissed Corndogs out of the oil.
    The recipe sounds weird, but try it! Sooo good!
    On to the recipe so you can make some too!
    • enough canola oil for about 1-2 inchs of oil in the bottom of a large heavy pot
    • 1 cup Aunt Jemima Just Add Water pancake mix (the ONLY pancake mix I use, it's just that good.)
    • 3/4 cup grated pepperjack cheese
    • 1/2 cup water
    • small bunch green onions, trimmed and sliced, including some of the green part
    • pinch of cayenne, if you like lotsa heat, add more!
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • kosher salt for  lightly sprinkling on the bites after they come out of the oil
     While the oil heats to about 300 degrees or so, pour the water into a medium mixing bowl.
    Add the pancake mix, green onions, cheese, and seasonings all together. It'll be very thick, like dumpling dough.
    When the oil is hot enough, drop by very small spoonfuls, like about a teaspoon size, into the hot oil like you would dumplings into bubbling stew.
    Just do a few at a time so they don't stick together. Plus they go fast! Turn over when they start to turn deep golden brown on the underside.

    Fish out with a spider spatula or tongs (careful!), and sprinkle some kosher salt onto paper towels to set the bites on.
    Great dipped into the tart sweetness of my easy Honey Mustard Dip, or ranch, or sprinkled with your favorite hot sauce!Yum!

    Honey-Kissed Corndogs

    I just love these soft, slightly sweet corndogs.
    Be warned, if you have a high frustration level, this recipe works better for half-dogs than it does for a full corndog. ha! True!  On my second full-sized corndog, I was beginning to wonder if I really wanted a corndog THAT bad, and maybe I should just give the half-sized to the g-kidlets and be done with it. LOL But I persevered and they turned out great.

     SO, when I make these again, I'll just stick to the half-sized.  And eat double. haha :)
    Also, I was going to add about 1/4 teaspoon of dry mustard, but I forgot and I didn't even notice until I was going over my notes I jot down while cooking, and noticed I'd forgotten. They tasted awesome, so I don't know if I'll ever add it.  So that one is up to you.

    Be sure to work quickly, because the longer the batter sits, the harder it is to get to stay on the long dogs.
    Enough chit-chat! On with the recipe!
    • 6 hot dogs, preferably cut in half (lol), poked with something thin like a thin meat thermometer, and a popsicle stick inserted halfway into the dog
    • 1 1/4 cups flour, plus 1/2 cup for rolling the dogs in.
    • 3/4 cup cornmeal
    • 3 tablespoons sugar
    • 1 teaspoon baking powder
    • 2 beaten eggs
    • 1/2 cup milk
    • 2 teaspoons honey
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 6 or 12 wooden popsicle sticks 
     Sift together all the dry ingredients like this:
    Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and add the beaten eggs, milk and honey and mix together well, until there are no lumps.
    When dogs have sticks inserted in them, and oil is about 300 degrees, roll dogs in a light coating of flour, dunk in batter, using a spoon to help cover the dog quickly and to help pull it out of the batter without the batter falling off. When it's covered with batter, quickly transfer it into the hot oil.

    Fry until the underside is a deep golden brown and flip over to fry the other side. When it's done, take out gently with a spider spatula or tongs and place on paper towels to drain.

    oooooooooooo so yummy!
    NOW the tart-sweet honey mustard. Are you ready ?  Equal amounts of French's mustard  and a good honey! That's it!! FANTASTIC! I'm not kidding. So simple, SO good.

    Those are my Pepperjack Cheese Bites alongside the corndog. :)

      Tato Frosted Meatloaf

      A fun way to serve this moist and tasty meatloaf, is by frosting it with some scrumptious parmesan golden mashed potatoes!
      and of course, pair it with the traditional peas and my quick pan gravy.  :)
      I used a cheap packet of brown gravy (the crowd gasps) as a base for the gravy in this recipe. Try it! It's mouthwatering and a must have to drizzle over this dish.
      On to the recipe!

      The loaf:
      • 1 lb ground beef
      • 1/4 cup onion 
      • 1 beaten egg
      • 1/4 cup milk
      • 1/4 cup plain breadcrumbs
      • 2 tablespoons real grated parmesan
      • 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
      • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
      • 1/8 teaspoon black pepper
      • dash fresh grated nutmeg
      The tatos:
      • about 4 medium potatoes (about 4 cups uncooked, peeled potatoes)
      • 3 tablespoons butter
      • 2 tablespoons fresh grated parmesan cheese
      • splash milk
      • dash parsley
      The gravy:
      • 2 packets of any cheap brown gravy mix.
      • 2 cups of water
      • 1/2 teaspoon worechestershire sauce
      • All your pan drippings from the loaf pan as it cooks. 

      Cook! :
      The loaf:

      In a large glass bowl, whisk together milk, egg, seasonings, and parmesan.

      Add the ground beef, onion and gently using your fingers and hands, combine the egg and seasoning mixture with the onions and beef. Don't over mix. Over mixing will cause a tougher loaf, just like with muffins. :)
      Pat into a loaf and carefully set into your greased loaf  pan. I sprayed mine with pam-like spray.
      As with a bread loaf, use your fingers to tuck in the loaf a little bit to help it not spread so during it's nap in the oven. :) There will be some space all around between the loaf and the pan. This is good, you'll need that space.

      Cook at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or so, until the center is firm to the touch and it's done.Be sure sometime during the cooking,  that you dump out any accumulated pan drippings into a medium sized frying pan. Otherwise, it may fall apart on you when you try to remove it from the pan.

      While the meatloaf is cooking, peel and cube the potatoes.
      Cook until fork tender, but not too soft.  Drain.

      Add the butter, salt and pepper to taste, 2 tablespoons of fresh grated parmesan cheese and just a small splash of milk to aid in mashing.  Mash good until you get a nice, stiff mashed potato.

      I love these potatoes. mmmMM!
      Set aside, cover to keep warm, if necessary.
      Pull out the meatloaf when it's done. Pour off any more fat that's accumulated.

      And using a spatula and probably your other hand, tip the loaf pan and slide the meatloaf onto an ovenproof serving platter or dish.
      And let rest 10 minutes or so.

      Time to make the gravy while the loaf rests.
      Be sure to scrape any tidbits left, into your frying pan. That's FLAVOR, right there! FLAVA FLAVE!  haha..get it? Okay. Nevermind. Back to cooking.
      Turn your pan up to medium or so, until you get a good simmer.  Depending how many drippings you got in total from your loaf, you may not need all the 2 cups of water.
      When the drippings start to simmer, add the two packets of gravy mix and whisk real good to get out as many lumps as possible, because some of the packets have big ol' clumps of mix in them.

      You might need to turn your heat down to medium-low, and slowly whisk in the water. I used about 1 and 3/4 cup of water. Add the worchestershire sauce and a little pepper if desired, but I wouldn't recommend salt. The mixes usually have enough salt.
      Continue to whisk until the gravy starts to thicken, then turn the heat down to low.
      Meanwhile, grab a spatula and let's get to frosting our meatloaf!
      I frosted it like I would a little cake, except I piled a little more on top. The sides though, I start at the bottom, slap on some potato and build up, not so much frosting as building tatos up the sides.
      Sprinkle with more fresh parmesan gratings, some dried parsley, a little pepper, and stick under your broiler.
      This only takes a couple minutes, so watch it carefully so it doesn't burn.
      Carefully take out and set aside for a few minutes.
      After you let it stand for a couple minutes (IF you can..hehe), grab a sharp knife, spatula and gently slice like you would a loaf of bread.
      Serve with your hot, yummy gravy and some peas!!
      My son jokes this is 'coconut meatloaf' because he says it looks like a coconut pie. Then he hints at a pie. ha.

      I know the loaf looks small before frosting, but it was plenty for three adults and two kids. It's very filling :)

      Wednesday, August 10, 2011

      Cheesy Potato Skillet

      I'm drooling thinking of this recipe.
      There's something I love about the cream of mushroom soup and ground beef combo. Much to my son's delight, I forgot the fresh mushrooms, but about 1-2 cups of fresh mushrooms added when you add the onions, would push this yummy dish over the top. Still, without it, it was pretty darned good. If you have a big enough skillet, add about 1/2 cup more green beans too. That was the only complaint here, more green beans, please! :)

      I also used the "35% more" can of Cream of Mushrooms (Campbell's). If you can't find that (I find mine at my local Dollar General), try a regular sized can and about 1/3 cup more of Cream Mushroom soup.

      But enough chit-chat, on to the recipe!
      • 1 pound ground beef
      • 3 cups peeled and thin sliced potatoes (about 4 regular-sized potatoes)
      • 1 can drained cut green beans
      • 1 (14.75 oz) "35% more" cream of mushroom soup
      • 1 cup shredded, good quality Monterrey & Colby Jack cheese
      • 1 heaping tablespoon sour cream
      • 1 teaspoon dried oregano (total, maybe)
      • 1/2 teaspoon worchestershire sauce
      • kosher salt
      • pepper
      • garlic powder
      Over a medium-high preheated LARGE cast iron skillet, toss in your beef, put about 1 tablespoon of canola oil in the pan first if it's dry or your meat is lean.
      Give a liberal sprinkle of kosher salt, pepper and garlic powder.
      When the meat is getting a good brown, stir, and toss in the onions. Give the onions a small sprinkle of salt and pepper too, and a slight dusting of dried oregano.
      When the beef is almost done, and the onions are softening, add the potatoes.
      You don't want them too thin, but just a step above paper thin, so they don't take all day to cook.

      Be sure to give the potatoes a liberal sprinkling of salt and pepper, and a slight dusting of dried oregano. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, for about 3-5 minutes.
      Push potatoes and meat mixture toward the sides of the pan a little, sort of like you might be making a pie crust with the mixture..

      See how some of the potatoes are sort of standing up around the edges? You want the middle of the pan to be lower than the ousides a little.
      Add the drained green beans, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, spread the beans out a bit,
      Add the mushroom soup (UNconstituted) and spread gently with a spatula, over the beans and potato mixture.
      Add the sour cream and worchestershire, then gently mix around without disturbing the potato, meat and green beans too much.
      Stick into a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes, until hot and potatoes are fork tender, but not mush.
      Top with cheese!

      My tummy is beginning to rumble (when is it not?!)
      Put back into the oven about 10 minutes, or until cheese is melted and hot.
      OH MY GOODNESS!  Sprinkle with a little pepper to make it pretty. :)
      Let stand for 10-15 minutes (if you can! lol) and dig in!!
      Some may like to sprinkle hot sauce on it!

      Tuesday, August 9, 2011

      Individual Lava Cakes

      These decadent little cakes are so good, you'll definitely feel sinful eating them! hehe..
      Dusted with powdered sugar and topped with vanilla ice cream, cancel your plans and be prepared to bask in their chocolateyness (yes, my technical term, use it in a sentence today. ha) for awhile after eating.

      I regret being so excited, that I neglected to take a good after pic, showing the inside gooey chocolate and vanilla ice cream flowing over the top. Next time I will, because I'll be making these again very soon!

       I modified Paula Deen's recipe for Molten Lava Cakes, I highly recommend watching her video at that link on how to make these, if you haven't made these before. They're very easy, but the video helps. :)
      On to the recipe!

      • 8 squares semi-sweet baking chocolate (I used one bar of Baker's)
      • 10 tablespoons of butter, room temp helps
      • 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar, plus some to dust
      • 3 whole eggs
      • 3 egg yolks (freeze whites for later use! Waste not, want not!)
      • 1/2 cup flour
      • 1 teaspoon vanilla
      Preheat oven to 425 degrees and butter the ramekins. I used 4 small and 2 larger. Be sure to butter them WELL so the cakes slip out later, just like on tv! lol
      In a double boiler, or a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water, and using a whisk, melt the butter and chocolate.

       Turn the heat off near the end so not to burn it, and continue whisking until everything is melted.

      Remove from heat and whisk in the powdered sugar until well blended.
      Quickly whisk in eggs, whisking vigorously so the eggs don't scramble, and then the egg whites.
      Stir in the flour and divide evenly among the ramekins.

      I could just get a spoon and eat it like this!
      Put ramekins on a baking sheet and bake 10-15 minutes, about 20 or so for larger ramekins. Sides will be firm, but the center will be soft.

      mmm I can almost smell them. Let them stand for a minute or so, then run a knife around the edges to loosen.
      Using a pot holder, carefully flip the ramekins over onto a dish or bowl, and the cake should come out easily.
      Dust with powdered sugar and enjoy!
      I discovered the next day they were more like brownies and didn't warm up like a fresh lava cake, but they were still good under ice cream!

      Monday, August 8, 2011

      Plum Blueberry Dessert Bread

      A moist and tender bread that doesn't even need butter. Good luck waiting until it's fully cooled to dig in. haha!
      Cooking time: about an hour
      Makes one loaf.
      Enough torture! On with the recipe!
      • 1 1/2 cups peeled, chopped plums (dip in boiling water for a few seconds to a minute or two, scoop out and dip into ice water and the peels will practically slip off.)
      • about 1/2 cup fresh blueberries, room temp
      • 1 heaping tablespoon flour
      • 1/2 cup margarine, room temp
      • 1 cup sugar
      • 1 teaspoon vanilla 
      • 2 eggs, room temp
      • 1 1/2 cups flour
      • 1/2 teaspoon salt
      • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
      • 1/3 cup plain yogurt
      • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
      • a pinch of fresh grated nutmeg 
      • powdered sugar for dusting
      • optional: a topping of 1/4 cup brown sugar and a couple tablespoons of chopped walnuts might be good for those who like toppings and nuts. I don't, so I didn't. And the batter was so good I didn't want to muck with it. LOL
       Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
      Toss chopped plums with the heaping tablespoon of flour in a bowl and set aside.

      In a medium glass bowl, sift remaining flour with salt and baking soda. I do this by putting a metal mesh strainer over a bowl, put the measured out ingredients in the strainer and, holding the strainer over the bowl, tap the edge of the strainer until all is sifted into the glass bowl below it.
       Like this. I was making cornbread, but using this pic to show you how I "sift together ingredients."
      Set aside dry ingredients.

      In a large glass bowl, beat the margarine, sugar and vanilla until pale yellow, light and fluffy.
      Beat in eggs one at a time and beat until fairly smooth.
      Just after adding first egg..
      mmmm smooth, pale yellow, soft peaks starting to form..
      Now beat in about half the dry ingredients, then about half the yogurt, then the rest of the dry and the rest of the yogurt. Beat until just mixed in, scraping sides of bowl. You should have a nice, smooth batter.

      Gently fold in the plums and blueberries and pour into a greased (I use the spray) loaf pan, add toppings if you desire, and bake at 350.
      For about 45-55 minutes. If the top is getting too dark too soon, loosely foil the top. 
      Toothpick may not come out completely dry when it's done. The top will be golden and shiny, and the toothpick almost dry.  Let it cool in the pan.

      Beware: if you're like me and just can't resist beyond 6 or 7 minutes, the bottom of the loaf may tear from the top when you go to slice a piece out of the pan. heee.. Oh, dust with some powdered sugar after it's cooled a bit.
      Later, after dinner, it was still moist and was so perfect warmed up with some ice cream and some of my blueberry sauce on top.
      ooooo...but you KNOW after I took that pic, that just wasn't enough blueberry sauce for me. ppffft!
      now thaaaat's more like it. YUM!