Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well here we are!

This is the second blog I made.  I deleted the other and decided to go with this one. I think it's more simple and straight-forward.  Whew, what a long evening, but I didn't want to stop and forget things by morning. LOL

I'm open to suggestions, as I'm new to the whole making a blog thing.
I still don't understand how to add pages. I want to have a recipe button to click on with a list of my recipes. Hm.. well, I think this is enough for now and I'll read more in the morning.

Yes, I'm the type to read the instructions AFTER beginning the project.  ;)

EEeeiiii!! I found it! Just as I was hitting 'publish post,' I saw the sweet little 'edit pages' button! yay me!

Now I really can't wait until morning! G'night!

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