Sunday, August 21, 2011

Homemade Chicken Stock

Yesterday, while I was simmering a chicken, I thought I'd also take some pics and share with you how I make chicken stock.
Winter is coming and a bunch of cubes of chicken stock in the freezer will come in handy. Especially if a little one comes up sick. Stick a cube or two in a coffee mug, microwave, tada! Nana's cold cure. :))

So if you're going to boil a chicken or chicken pieces ANYWAY, why not add a step or two and make some stock?
Homemade Chicken Stock

Happy Cooking!


  1. Excellent method; very easy! I usually make mine with the bones left over after roasting a chicken but find the flavor isn't as strong. Will try it your way next time. Bonus will be chicken for salad or dumplings!

  2. Thanks Rachel!
    My goal with this was to cut steps. Since I have to make the chicken anywayyy...
    If left to my own resolve to make out of scraps and bones. They'd find a freezer full of 20 year old chicken bones when I'm an old lady. I'd never get around to doing it. LOL This way, it's just there! Might as well do something with it and freeze it.
    I find it has a richer flavor because, well duh- the meat, but because you're stewing it on a low heat for so long that it reduces a little.
    This realllly makes me long for fall! :)